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Denture Clinic

We are excited to welcome Jonathan Hughes CDT who offers means all of the clinical stages of the denture treatment and manufacture the dentures at his private dental laboratory.

Clear Smile Braces

Dr Humphreys is very excited about having completed a Clear Smile Brace course in Birmingham last week and increasing his orthodontic knowledge.


update Feb 2018

Tooth Whitening Question?

Is it safe? Yes, absolutely. 10% CP whitening gel (used in our practice) was originally used to promote wound healing and gum health. Our bodies are equipped to handle peroxide and indeed, the human body actually makes peroxide in the … Continue reading

Dental Trauma

Here’s some useful advice for preventing trauma in baby teeth and what to do in case of a fall that affects a permanent tooth: Just copy and paste the link and click on the top result. Here’s the poster:

Headaches, jaw pain, neck pain from tooth grinding?

We are excited to now offer Cerezen as a treatment for jaw pain, headaches and neck pain as a result of jaw clenching and grinding- check out the following article:-

Sweet smile of mine…….

Harrogate Spa Dental are proud to be one of the sponsors of St. Peter’s Flower Festival “Sing it with Flowers”. Pop into St. Peter’s church to vote for our display!!

What happens during an examination?

The key to offering good dentistry starts with a thorough examination. We follow a step-by-step process: 1. Meet the patient, listen to their chief concerns, review the medical history and decide which X-Rays are needed. At this stage we may … Continue reading

Have a brighter whiter Christmas

Get your teeth whitened for Christmas or the new year from £165. Contact any of our team to book in on 01423 540879

Toothpaste for sensitivity?

One of the main causes of tooth sensitivity is receding gums. When this happens a small part of the root of the tooth becomes uncovered and it is this which reacts to hot and cold causing discomfort. I find the … Continue reading