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TMJ- this stands for Tempero-mandibular joint. This joint is just in front of your ear and connects your lower jaw to your upper jaw and is the most complex joint in the body. I believe that it should also stand … Continue reading

Denplan Offer!

Save money on your shopping with a Free Countdown Card* when you join Denplan! If you sign up to Denplan during September you can receive a Countdown Card (worth £49.95). With this you can access thousands of great offers and … Continue reading

Study suggests that regular check ups reduce major tooth loss.

Regular exams are an important element of preventative dental care. A Swedish study published this year showed that long-term routine dental attendance throughout middle and early older age reduced major tooth loss across time supporting the principle of encouraging routine … Continue reading

Electric or Manual Toothbrushes?

Tooth decay and gum disease are two of the commonest, but preventable diseases known to man. Regular and effective toothbrushing play an important role in the prevention of these diseases. A recent review of clinical studies has shown that electric … Continue reading

Align, Bleach and Bond.

It’s possible to get an amazing smile without having your teeth filed or shaped! If your teeth are slightly crooked then they can be straightened in 6 months or less. Once they’re straight they can be whitened and and the … Continue reading

No Registration Fee!

When you join Denplan in May or June there is no registration fee! An easier way to budget for your dental care. A range of affordable payment plans from as little as £10.85 a month. Avoid unexpected dental bills and … Continue reading

Fluoride varnish helps to reduce dental decay!

Research shows that application of a fluoride varnish to teeth twice yearly can reduce decay by 40%. At Harrogate Spa Dental we routinely apply fluoride varnish to adult and children’s teeth with no charge!

Your comprehensive dental examination

Your dental exam is broken down into eight categories: 1 Pre-clinical interview: so that you can tell us if you have any concerns. 2 Muscle evaluation: so that we can evaluate your jaw muscles and joints and relate any findings … Continue reading

Spring Makeover!

Your smile is important so make an impression by whitening your teeth! From £165……. Contact us on 01423 540879

Migraines, morning or afternoon headaches?

We may be able to help! Involuntary tooth clenching or grinding can cause these symptoms as well as causing damage to your jaw joint (it might click) and teeth. A simple occlusal appliance can help in reducing your symptoms so that … Continue reading