Dental Practices remain open during 4 week lockdown

Despite an impending lockdown private practices will remain OPEN.
It’s safe and essential to attend the dentist. We remain open to all, for both routine and emergency treatments.

Open for business!!

We do have some slight alterations to our normal way of working

Covid 19

Following Government instruction Harrogate Spa Dental is unable to carry out face to face consultations or treatment until further notice. Due to the highly contagious nature of Coronavirus please follow advice and stay at home. If you have a dental emergency phone 01423 540879 and leave your name and number and our dentist will get back in touch. This service is open between 9 am and 6 pm everyday. We will be re-opening as soon as we can. Thank you for understanding at this difficult time.


Last update 15/11/2019

Denture Clinic

We are excited to welcome Jonathan Hughes CDT who offers means all of the clinical stages of the denture treatment and manufacture the dentures at his private dental laboratory.

Clear Smile Braces

Dr Humphreys is very excited about having completed a Clear Smile Brace course in Birmingham last week and increasing his orthodontic knowledge.


update Feb 2018

Tooth Whitening Question?

Is it safe? Yes, absolutely. 10% CP whitening gel (used in our practice) was originally used to promote wound healing and gum health. Our bodies are equipped to handle peroxide and indeed, the human body actually makes peroxide in the liver, brain and eyes.

Does a light make any difference? All research shows that the light does not change the outcome of whitening.

Is there an advantage to in surgery whitening? Well no, the outcome of in-surgery whitening is not better than home tray whitening regardless of the number of applications.

In summary bleaching teeth has one of the major advances in cosmetic dentistry in the last 25 years. Tray based whitening with 10% CP is versatile, cost-effective and safe!



Dental Trauma

Here’s some useful advice for preventing trauma in baby teeth and what to do in case of a fall that affects a permanent tooth:

Just copy and paste the link and click on the top result. Here’s the poster:

Headaches, jaw pain, neck pain from tooth grinding?

We are excited to now offer Cerezen as a treatment for jaw pain, headaches and neck pain as a result of jaw clenching and grinding- check out the following article:-