Looking After Your Mouth
Did you know that your dentist can do a lot more than look after your teeth? Health and wellbeing issues like sleep problems and headaches can relate back to what’s going on inside your mouth. At Harrogate Spa Dental we are here to help with your wellbeing – you’d be amazed at the changes a healthy mouth can bring.

Snoring can have a huge impact on your own wellbeing and that of your family. Aside from the obvious effects of sleepiness and lack of motivation, snoring is linked to serious health issues like increased blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Snoring should never be something you just put up with, there is help available – visit our Snoring page for more information.

Persistent headaches are debilitating – many people learn to live with the symptoms, putting the headaches down to stress or anxiety. However, it may all be down to the alignment of your jaws. Dental occlusion is another name for the way your teeth meet when your jaws bite together; if your teeth don’t fit together properly this can cause problems in the muscles that move your jaw. These muscles are having to work a lot harder leading to muscle spasm and then to headaches or migranes.

What Can My Dentist Do?
The dentist will check your jaw movements at your routine check-up but be sure to tell us if you are suffering from headaches, tender or aching teeth. A full assessment of your occlusal problems will be followed by treatment options. These may range from a simple niteguard worn over the teeth to a full occlusal correction. These treatments can help to eliminate the cause of your headaches and have a hugely positive impact on your wellbeing.

Most of us know that sugar causes tooth decay but did you know that everytime you eat or drink anything sugary, your teeth are under acid attack for up to one hour? It’s not just sugary foods; acidic food and drink can be just as harmful as the acid wears away the tooth enamel. So even choices that might be viewed as healthy, like your morning orange juice, have a low ph level meaning they are more acidic.

What Can My Dentist Do?
Your dentist will be happy to advise you on the foods and drinks to avoid and those to limit. Have a chat about your diet and lifestyle and find the best way to protect your teeth and the teeth of other family members. We have lots of information we can share that will protect not only your teeth but also your general health and wellbeing.

Most people are now aware that smoking is bad for their health. It can cause many different medical problems and in some cases, fatal diseases. However, many people don’t realise the damage that smoking does to their mouth, gums and teeth. Smoking can lead to tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss and in more severe cases, mouth cancer.

What Can My Dentist Do?
We can carry out a regular examination to make sure that your teeth and gums and whole mouth are healthy. You may wish to consider teeth whitening, which can help to lighten stained teeth and give you back your smile.