Dental implant +Bridge/Crown = Natural looking teeth!

A dental implant is a titanium post which is gently placed into the jawbone. It can be used to hold one or more false teeth in place, from a single tooth to a full set of teeth. You can think of them in the way that you might think of a tooth root. They are a safe well-established treatment and can have success rates of over 98%.

Benefits of implants
Dental implants can offer many benefits including:

Renewed self-confidence. Implant secured teeth are more comfortable than conventional dentures because there is no slipping or movement. This can eliminate your worries about your dentures moving.

Improved physical appearance. Implants help to preserve facial bone. When teeth are missing the surrounding bone starts to shrink. Implants can help to maintain the shape and structure of the jawbones.

Implants are an alternative to bridgework for replacing missing teeth eliminating the need to grind down healthy teeth.

What is involved in the implant process?
There are usually several steps typically involving:

Treatment planning – Where the feasibility of providing implants are discussed. Alternatives are also assessed. X-rays are taken and models of your teeth may be prepared. A written treatment plan is then formulated detailing how much implants might cost.

Implant placement – A relatively simple minor surgical procedure is performed in the dental surgery under sterile conditions under local anaesthetic.

Integration period –  It is often better that the implant is allowed to fully integrate for three months before it is loaded although some implants can be loaded immediately or soon after surgery. An adhesive bridge or the patient’s own dentures can be worn during this time.

The restorative phase – Once the implant(s) have integrated they are uncovered and a crown, bridge or removable denture is fixed to the implant.

Maintenance –  The implants need to be kept clean and the patient should attend their dentist for regular examinations so that the health of the implant can be checked.
Our implant consultant:

Hassan Maghaireh BDS 1999, MFDS RCS (Edinburgh) ,MSc Implants (Manchester) GDC Registration No. 84681

Hassan is an active member of The Association of Dental Implantology UK. He has been trained by leading international names in the fields of implantology in the UK, Sweden and France. He has completed various training courses with some of the best documented implant systems. Hassan’s experience and keen interest in dental implants has allowed him to be in the first group of dentists to gain a clinical Masters degree in Implant Dentistry from the University of Manchester where he has vastly developed his experience in dental implants, sinus augmentation and advance bone grafting techniques.

Hassan has presented live-surgery demonstration, published clinical and research articles on dental implants both nationally and internationally, lectured and presented poster presentations at European and international congresses. Hassan is also a Clinical teaching fellow in Implantology on the University of Manchester MSc Programme.

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