Teeth Whitening

Have you ever thought about teeth whitening? Have confidence in your smile…

Teeth whitening is the simplest, kindest and most affordable way of enhancing your smile. Many people look and feel years younger after the treatment, having erased stains caused by tobacco, food, drink and internal pigments which make your teeth look darker as you age. Teeth whitening can provide a great confidence boost from a quick and pain free treatment.

Is it safe?
For more than two decades these proven systems have whitened thousands of smiles. Bleaching will not affect crowns, veneers or fillings. Some people can experience some transient sensitivity after bleaching, this is temporary and will not last. We can provide you with simple desensitising treatment to eliminate this.

Repeat teeth whitening does not harm your teeth.

How do I get started?
You can start your journey to a whiter smile today. Contact us to find the best treatment programme and Harrogate Spa Dental can plan with you to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Brighter Whitening

  • 12 day at home course
  • at the first appointment we take impressions of your teeth
  • at the second appointment (usually a week later) we provide you with close fitting whitening trays (which fit snugly over your teeth) and syringes of hydrogen peroxide gel to take home and place in the trays
  • a small blob of whitening gel corresponding to each tooth is placed in the trays and these are then worn for an hour each day
  • just 12 days to a brighter smile!

How much does teeth whitening cost?
This is a really simple and cost effective treatment. If you are a Denplan or existing private patient at our practice patient, the cost is from £220. If you are not an existing patient whitening starts at £250.

Please contact us for more information on our teeth whitening services.